Tsunami: Deep End Lyrics  

Since the lyrics aren't included in the original CD/LP, we've posted them here.

There's a girl at the end of your string
Dangling from all your metaphors
She'd like to get her balance
Pick her up and shove her into more

I bet you though you'd figured her out a way long time ago
And you tell me it's just your ego
But could you try to tell me something I don't already know

She's the girl in all your pictures
She pumps up all your profiles
You know how you use her

You hope that she'll be flattered
You hope that she won't tell
Cause she's seen you in the places
You don't fit into so well

I hope she tells on you
If she won't I might too

Who's that girl caught there in your maze
Who's that girl caught up in your catchphrase
Who's that girl stuck here all the time
Who's that girl caught up in your line

You won't save me from the aliens
T-shirt and vest, plastic cup of scotch in your hand
You fly into town in a saucer of gold
Wouldn't know cool if you crawled up and slugged you in the nose.

Did you get it? No

You can't save me you're an alien
Bring home the best, patted on the back by the Man.
You fly into town in a saucer of gold
Wouldn't know cool if you crawled up and slugged you in the nose.

Did you get it? No.

She's been had again
She's been had by you
Stabbed in the back with a poison pen and I feel it too

Girls who dare, girls who dare to do
Won't sit around and count their lucky stars or wait for validation from you.

Are we all something to envy, are we all something else
Are we all something to envy or are we more like a threat

Are we on the borders of your empire, are we friend or foe
How much will you take for your profit, and how much do we pose a threat.

Ignored, deplored, for years so were so bored
But now you seem impressed with somethin besides my chest size
It's your job to translate, but you have no idea what you're saying
You shouldn't call us uptight, if we don't act so polite.

If I ever build a house it's a good bet I'd build it out of skin
If I never make it anywhere in this world I won't wonder where I've been
We're so bold, to be so old, to be so young
And I'm told what can't be sold can be sung
So I'll try

Cause if I never point straight at anyone
In the middle of an earthquake like that one again
You're the wonder one, turn on in me
Turn on something. Turn on something strong.

We're so slack, we come off like geniuses on crack
And I'm sad to give up on the one thing I never had.
But I'll try.

I'd hand myself on every line just to get a hand up to the damage
Trip on this one every time, but I always manage
Really love to try with you
Knowing full well it's starting on an end
Being sorry means never having to say we're friends.

I don't want to be bad, mad, sad
I don't want to be had, like a woman

My mistakes are set like a clock,
but I'd nver want to be the one who'd want to trade places
Spent no time around the block,
but I know a lie is the shortest distance between two faces

Wouldn't it be more fun
If this was something that you could have opinions on
and not something I had to live with?

I don't need a clue
I don't want assignment
I don't know, doors don't close behind me
They fall off their hinges

I ain't afraid of no valentine
I ain't afraid of no bus

You don't need a job
You just want absolution


Now that you're skinny and know your math
It's only a matter of seconds
You'll be famous
One in a million is one in ten
Means is the means to uncover illness

Not yesterday, not tomorrow, it's the same old things
Beg, steal or borrow

Now that you're older and know what's on
It's only a matter of seconds, you be in it
One in a million is one in ten
Mean is a means to recover the minutes

Look around your room try to find an ashtray
Light a cigarette put a crack in the window
All around the floor paper surrounds you
All your friends are influenced by chaos
All your friends are overwrought by chaos
Lie back on your bed and wonder where the hell your friends are
Lie back on the dread.

Try and be somebody
Being in the spotlight means being on the run
Oh the tedium
Under cut, under laid
And they run away from their smoking guns

So you wake up to find your breasts in one zine too many
Makes you think the little boys aren't getting any
A bad joke we're gonna weather
Let's put our headaches together

And a man walks on the scene, he's got the facts
Place it all in print (he'll die to see you waxed)
And we don't take the credit for things we hope to see him write
He lays her out on paper
And we bite.

She wakes up to find...

Some folks think it's funny, some folks think you're cute
Selling someone's secrets for status seems to suit you
But I don't take cheap revenge as street cred
Just lonely, bitter and cruel
Completely pathetic.

Wake up to find your breasts judged by boys you haven't met
They're the ones who haven't begun to feel our teeth yet
It doesn't take a man to know the weather
Let's put our headaches together.

Saturday morning the phone rang
Why don't you pick it up? you aren't doing anything
Asked her about it later, it seemed to upset her
What do you know about it? I was writing letters.

Last time I checked your stationery still had the wrappers on
All your pens spent all night in the living room
Stamps on the counter stuck together , you'd run them through the wash
Wish I culd write those letters,
the kind that make you blush

From the other room it sounds like you're having fun
With all this correspondence I still ain't getting none.

Sitting in the woods, you and me alone
Thinking that train-wrecked boy
wasn't the only one to die here and be shown

What pieces of flesh, what scraps of skin
are taken out and passed around at recess, wherein

I'm ugly, hungry, only one loser, jaded, tired,
I think I smell a fire.

Better than before it wasn't walking through the door
Always on my floor, calling me a whore
Always on my mind, with me half the time
Sneaking up and threatening what's mine.

I'm ugly, hungry, I'm only one loser
I fought it, I fight it, I fear I might like it
I'm sorry.
I do.


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