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Danielle Howle: guitar, vocals

photo by Pat Graham 1995


It was a sweltering July day in Columbia, South Carolina in 1993. Punks walked around in their own thick auras of humidity. Tsunami were weary and wary. They loaded the equipment on to the floor of the restaurant (no stage) where they would play that night and hoped the pinball would get them through the next 3 hours. Little did they know that their lives were soon to be changed forever, for that fated day they would be lucky enough to see the brilliant Danielle Howle perform.

Sounds a bit like a bad novel, doesn't it, but isn't it wonderful that life is sometimes that way?

Danielle Howle is the most original and compelling performer we have ever seen "by accident". She commands equally undivided attention whether she is knocking you down with the sheer force of her voice, twisting you into knots with the subtle complexity of the inner logic of her vocal decisions, or charming you with her effortless wit and between-song chatter. When Danielle is in the room you can't help but hang on her every word, and once you've seen her perform on the floor of some restaurant, with her acoustic guitar and her notebook, her glass of water and her guitar case propping up her feet, you can't help but think there might truly just be such a thing as "star quality" that doesn't have a thing to do with ad budgets, makeup stylists or major label deals.

It's very difficult to describe her music as she doesn't fall easily into one style. Some of the lazier journalists will say folk or country. If that piques your interest - fine - there are definite influences there, but don't assume that's everything. Self-taught, her songs follow an internal logic that defies the traditional pop structures and vogue songwriting styles. Given her chance, Danielle will belong in the canon of intuitive musicians, like a Joni Mitchell or a Liz Phair.

When asked directly, Danielle is uncomfortable with being labeled an acoustic artist or "songwriter" but rather likes to think of herself as someone who captures little bits of time. "I'm not trying to shock people with bad language and weirdness," she says, "I'm trying to tell whatever truth is there. I don't need electricity to make a big noise." Nor does she need it to attract attention. She so enraptured a packed, attentive throng of fans at the Milestone (NC) when opening for loud grunge wunderkind headliners The Melvins that you could hear a pin drop. Now that's power.

Since her debut Frog Song 7" on Simple Machines, Danielle has covered a lot of ground. She's toured the US with Tsunami, Ida, Retsin, Those Bastard Souls, Vic Chestnutt, The Grifters and the Indigo Girls. She's jumped on stage and duetted with Steve Earle. We've seen her turn honky-tonk heads in Nashville when she skittered up to do a couple of songs at some open mic night. She's kicked our asses at Quarters. Best of all, she's followed up on her stellar debut with full-lengths for Simple Machines, Daemon and now Kill Rock Stars. Expect more touring and more amazing songs in the future.

Simple Machines Releases

SMR 28 Danielle Howle
Frog/Wrestling Song 7"
7": $3.50

We met Danielle when we were playing a show in Columbia, SC. Not only did she knock us out with her clever songs and witty banter, but took us out for grits the next morning! Danielle and guest bassist Tara Jane (Rodan/Retsin) recorded 2 songs for the 7" at WGNS. Also included is a live track from the Working Holiday party. Clear vinyl.

SMR 36 Danielle Howle
About to Burst CD.LP
CD: $11 LP: $9

Danielle hails from the sleepy town of Columbia, SC, but for this gal, sleep is the last thing on her mind. After a 7" debut back in 1994 and 1996's 12-song Live at McKissick Museum CD, Danielle brought forth this fourteen song CD that'll knock your socks off. It's a sticky business trying to describe her music. Some might label her acoustic songs as folk or country and her electric songs as southern rock. There are definite influences there, but don't assume that is everything. Self-taught, her songs follow an internal logic that defies the traditional pop structures, country structures, and vogue song writing styles. There are slow dances, acapella songs, piano ballads and scorching rockers. They swing from full band sound to Danielle and her acoustic guitar, but no matter how they're played, Danielle's incredible voice, her wit and her gift for writing great songs shines through.


The Danielle Howle Discography


Frog/Wrestling Song 7"

Simple Machines



Live at McKissock Museum CD


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About to Burst CD/LP

Simple Machines



Sub Pop 7"

Sub Pop

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Revival comp CD

Yep Roc



Do A Two Sable CD


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Catalog CD

Kill Rock Stars

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Tea ath the Palaz of Hoon comp. CD


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